Most of you may have heard of this: Many open source projects are moving from SourceForge to another code hosting platform. Unfortunately, there is a long story of very disturbing actions by the company behind SourceForge and even Google blocks some content on the site. No wonder popular projects like GIMP, VLC, Nmap, Notepad++, and even ITSM tools like OCS Inventory NG decided recently to move their code base to another (safer) place.

Over the years we used this platform to distribute our release packages. 1000s of downloads every month shows us that SourceForge did a great job. Well, until now.

For many years there’s been voices in the open source community it’s time to move on. What was SourceForge in the 2000ies is now GitHub. Because of GitHub’s huge popularity, its well-suited feature set, and many more reasons we decided to create our own Git repository on GitHub:

There you’ll find everything what was hosted before on SourceForge, especially our release packages. Next step is to look into more useful features on GitHub. In the mean time the SourceForge account won’t be closed while search engines and many websites still link to it.

We love decentralized services so we also created BitBucket repositories for other i-doit related projects like the reference API client or the OTRS Help Desk module.

If you haven’t tried out i-doit OPEN yet now it’s the best time. Just download our latest release and start your own IT documentation and CMDB!

i-doit team