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Throw some light on the complex relations of your network components. The i-doit configuration management capabilities give you a detailed look at what your IT services are really dependent on. You want to go the ITSM or ITIL way? Connect your third party applications via the i-doit API and let i-doit be the leading source of data for your processes.

i-doit documents your IT-infrastructure. From cables to servers, from software to licences, any component with a plug or running software is worth being documented. And what’s better than having a central platform for it? The scope is defined by you – whether it’s just IP-addresses, accounting information or complex technical details – i-doit fulfills all your documentation needs.

8 advantages of open source CMDB Software i-doit

Professional CMDB

IT Infrastructure Management

Network Documentation

IT Inventory


ITSM Interface

IP Address Management


IT Asset Management

File and data import

i-doit is a tool every company should use to extend IT security and reduce workload. For that synetics, the company behind product development, offers also an free OpenCore version of its famous and award-winning CMDB and IT Documentation software i-doit for small companies and Open Source enthusiasts.

We name it i-doit open. Although slightly reduced in functionality (in comparison to the full-featured Pro version of i-doit), the open version is a powerful application for sysadmins and is developed parallel to the i-doit pro version.