Hier sind unsere Verbesserungen und Bugfixes:
[Verbesserung] Anzeige des FQDN Hostnamens in IP-Liste
[Verbesserung] Copy & Paste Funktion für Bilder im WYSIWYG Editor
[Verbesserung] Konfiguration um alle WYSIWYG Funktionen zu aktivieren (Verwaltung -> Systemeinstellungen)
[Verbesserung] Report Möglichkeit des verwendeten Datenbankschemas einer Softwarezuweisung
[Bug] “Extras” wird nicht angezeigt, wenn Rechte auf das Logbuch und die Suche und sonst nichts darunter vergeben wurden
[Bug] Benachrichtigungstyp “Ablauf von Wartungsfristen” berücksichtigt lediglich Verträge
[Bug] Der Name vom Datenbankschema wird in der Kategorie aus dem Objekttitel abgeleitet, aber nicht in der Listenansicht
[Bug] Neue Felder für Benachrichtung “%notification_templates__report%”
[Bug] LDAP Sync Fehler: array_keys() expects parameter 1 to be array
[Bug] Benachrichtigungen für auslaufende Wartungsverträge greifen nicht auf Leistungsschein-Details
[Bug] In der Kategorie Modell wird, wenn man in der Eigenschaft Modell einen neuen Eintrag erstellt, nicht selektiert bzw. nichts angezeigt.
[Bug] API Query Error beim Verknüpfen eines Layer-2 Netzes zu Layer-3
[Bug] Systeminformationen zeigen generell einen Fehler beim Update-Check
[Bug] Fehler beim Bearbeiten der Kategorie “Anschlüsse” in der Listeneditierung

Am 07.08.2014 veröffentlichen wir das neue i-doit open in der Version 1.4.

Wichtig für alle Anwender älterer Versionen:
i-doit open 1.4 ist KEIN Update für ältere open-Versionen, sondern kann AUSSCHLIESSLICH als neue Installation betrieben werden.

Des Weiteren gilt:
Die i-doit open folgt ab der Version 1.4 dem Release-Plan der pro-Version. Somit werden ab dem 07.08.14 Updates und Upgrades zeitgleich für open- und pro-Versionen veröffentlicht.

Bis zum Ende dieses Jahres werden wir alle Ressourcen rund um die Nutzung in der i-doit Akademie konsolidieren, die dann allen Anwendern frei zugänglich sein wird.

Viel Erfolg mit der Nutzung von i-doit.

Ihr Joachim Winkler, i-doit Gründer

On 07/08/2014 we will publish v1.4 of the new i-doit open software.

Important for all users of earlier versions:
i-doit open 1.4 is NOT an update of earlier open versions, but can ONLY be run as a new installation.

The following points should also be borne in mind:
As from Version 1.4, i-doit open will follow the release plan of the pro version. That means that, as from 07/08/2014, updates and upgrades will be released simultaneously for both open and pro versions.

By the end of this year we plan to consolidate all the resources concerning use in the i-doit academy, which will then be freely available to all users.

We wish you every success in using i-doit.
Yours sincerely, Joachim Winkler, i-doit Founder

wann CMDBIn der jetzt aktuellen Ausgabe des IT-Administrator Magazins ist ein Testbericht zur neuen i-doit open enthalten. Wir freuen uns sehr über das positive Bild, müssen aber alle interessierten Anwender noch um etwas Geduld bitten.

Die im Artikel dargestellte Software wird Anfang Juli 2014 in einer dann aktualisierten Version (i-doit open 1.4) hier veröffentlicht. Die Version bringt u.a. folgende Neuerungen zu der im Heft behandelten Version mit:

  • Monitoring-Schnittstelle zu NDO und Livestatus (Nagios-basierte Systeme)
  • Schnittstelle zur Parametrisierung/Konfiguration einer Check_MK-Umgebung
  • Umfangreiche Funktionen zur Netz-Dokumentation der OSI Layer 1-4

Download des IT-Administrator-Artikels

d7918be179In a few weeks it will be that time again – and we will be able to welcome you to Cebit in hall 6 / block E16 / stand number 311. Experience what users and partners think about i-doit and talk to the experts about the successes and the experience gained from concrete projects.

Plus, we look forward to presenting our current developments around i-doit to you at the Cebit event. Monitoring, Change-management, and security are the keywords.In order to make your visit as easy as possible, we have created an online calendar. We would also be happy to provide you with tickets for the exhibition.

We look forward to seeing you!
Best wishes from i-doit team

As part of the i-doit pro 1.2 release, we are going to publish a completely revised dashboard! It has many new features and can be customized by each user individually. The release consists of more than 15 widgets, many of which can be configured individually.

There are widgets for many important areas of the CMDB; reports, CMDB Explorer, IT service consistency check, license information, statistics, but i-doit provides further help with other areas: notes, calendar, RSS feeds, and more.

In addition, each i-doit add-on module is able to implement its widgets – the VIVA module makes the first step and provides its own report widget.

For i-doit Administrators: It is possible to assign your own dashboard configuration to other users or to define a dashboard as a “standard”: so all people who have not yet compiled their own dashboard receives a predefined dashboard. Of course, the new dashboard is fitted with optional privileges for the authorisation system!

On the 24th June, the 1.1. version of i-doit pro will be released. Besides a couple of improvements in performance, stability & usability, our customers can expect a fully detailed authorisation system from scratch.
With the new release, you are now able to authorise all object types and even categories. It will also be possible to assign rights to other modules besides the CMDB.

We are going to get back to a clearer and more comprehensible open source strategy. Amongst others, by making some significant restructuring to the code with the objective of a clear demarcation between basic functions (open) and advanced features (pro). Read more.

Das i-doit Produkt-Team wünscht allen Anwenderinnen und Anwendern besinnliche Tage und einen guten Rutsch in das neue Jahr. Trotz (Jahres-)Endzeitstimmung haben wir uns auch für das nächste Jahr viel vorgenommen. Unter anderem werden wir wieder zu einer klaren und nachvollziehbaren Strategie für die open-Version von i-doit kommen. Mehr dazu im angehängtem PDF.


open-Brief_1 0

open-Brief_1 0 en

In anticipation of the Christmas holidays, synetics, the initiator of i-doit, makes a very special gift to the IT community: an online Advent Calendar which counts down not only the days till Christmas but also gives every participant the chance to get a special present. You will find the calendar here.

You just have to answer the IT specific questions behind the window. There will be a new question each day, and it is up to you how many of them you are going to answer. For each question you have answered correctly you will increase your chance to win one of the fantastic Christmas presents.

Unfortunately, this year the Advent Calendar is only available in German. But you can certainly use Google translator to translate the questions into English.

On July 27, we conducted a survey on the everyday work life of system administrators on our site www.love-your-admin.de.
We are really excited about the feedback we got. Around 1,500 system administrators and IT professionals took part in our survey and provided us with substantial information on their work, their varied tasks and their way of documenting IT and finding information.

Here are the results: Results

Our team of experts will be presenting i-doit anew from 6.-10. March 2012 at the CeBIT exhibition in Hannover, Germany

This year all is revolving around: cultivating your information.

In the heart of the Open Source Park we see the opportunity to refresh existing contacts, exchange the latest news about i-doit and talk about the most current developments in the IT documentation and ITSM field.

Our novelties at the CeBIT 2012

We are happy to present some of our largest develpments, such as new IP adress management and network documentation. Other novelties in the enhanced report manager, mass change and list editing functions are also on the agenda. Read more about the latest news, also within the i-doit Academy here.

Arrange your meeting

Please contact Ms. Kuhlmann to make your appointment and secure your visitor entrance ticket – as long as stock lasts vkuhlmann@synetics.de.

Don’t miss our presentation!

Topic:    Cultivate your information –  Mit i-doit zum Information Security Management
When:   Wednesday, 7.3.2012 from 12:30-13:00 pm & Thursday, 8.3.2012 from 10:30-11:00 am
Where:  Public Sector Park, Halle 7, “KOMmune INNovativ” Forum, Booth B62

Have a glimpse at the program overview.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the synetics booth: Open Source Park, Hall 2, Block D58 / Booth 146.

Your i-doit Team